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About Us

The United Council on Welfare Fraud is the only national membership association dedicated to defending against the erosion of integrity in public assistance programs – equipping members across the industry with crucial resources for collaboration, professional development, and advocacy.

We are a group of investigators, administrators, and specialists from local, state, and federal agencies in the US and Canada working together to fight fraud and abuse in social services programs.

Our goal is to help members identify, investigate, prosecute, and recover fraud in these programs.

Please click this link and view the video composed by The Foundation of Government Accountability (FGA).  This video consists of UCOWF members that attended the 50th National Training Conference.
Fraud Fighters: Protecting America's Tax Payers


We are the only organization in the welfare program integrity space with this degree of wide-reaching membership, which expedites information transfer and builds deeper expertise.


We believe it’s essential to keep communications and training up-to-date, because justice must evolve with crime.


Our approach intentionally brings together individuals who engage with public assistance programs at all stages, in order to communicate the crucial teamwork required to defend program integrity.

UCOWF is committed to strengthening integrity in various public assistance programs that are fundamental to our social safety net. These taxpayer-funded programs need everyone’s effort to preserve the precious dollars appropriated by the government to operate programs such as Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, commonly known as Food Stamps), Subsidized Childcare, Low-income and Subsidized Housing, and Temporary Cash Assistance, to name a few. Our efforts go beyond the work our members do in their states and counties. As an organization, UCOWF contributes to strengthening public assistance program integrity by maintaining close ties with our federal program partners and providing them our advice or position on pertinent issues and proposed changes to the way these programs are operated.

Affiliate Membership

UCOWF also serves as an umbrella organization to various state welfare fraud organizations through our Affiliate Membership program. This program provides full UCOWF membership benefits at a reduced rate to any paid member of a state or other governmental welfare fraud organization that is formally affiliated with UCOWF.


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