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Certification (CWFI)

We are pleased to provide a valuable opportunity for individuals to become a Certified Welfare Fraud Investigator (CWFI). Achieving CWFI certification bestows a highly respected level of credibility to one's professional reputation, which can greatly assist in legal settings such as testifying, report writing, and character examination. We are proud to offer this certification and believe that it is an excellent way to enhance one's expertise and professional standing in the field of welfare fraud investigation.

To be eligible for certification under this program a person must:

  • Be a UCOWF member in good standing
  • Be a current and full time investigator, supervisor, administrator, etc., who is also involved in fraud investigation activities
  • Have a minimum of TWO years of experience in public assistance fraud investigations
  • In the case of employment by a state or providence whose welfare delivery system is state-supervised and locally administered, spend 50% or more of your time in fraud investigation activities (i.e. fraud prevention investigations or back-end investigations)
  • Agree to perform all professional duties in accordance with applicable government standards; complete and pass the CWFI Certification Exam; and
  • Agree to obey all federal, state and local laws and the UCOWF Code of Ethics.

Steps to Apply: 

  1. Complete the CWFI application. 
  2. Pay the $50 application fee (includes CWFI testing and first year's annual certification fee)
  3. Complete the Affidavit of Professional Experience (.pdf) and upload through the CWFI application.
  4. Once your application is received, a member of the CWFI Committee will review your application. If all criteria are met, you will be approved for testing and a date, time, and location will be selected and scheduled.

If you are unable to to sit for the CWFI exam during the annual conference, please contact the UCOWF Business Manager before submitting your application to ensure a proctor will be available in your area to administer the exam.

Renewing CWFI:

Every July CWFI's will be renewed for all CWFI holders.  An invoice will be created and emailed to you at the email address linked to your membership account.  Members will have 30 days to pay the CWFI invoice before the delinquency policy takes affect.  At the time payment is made, CEU's will also need to be submitted to the Business Manager at  The CEU form can be located in the member portal under resources.

If a delinquency occurs, a CWFI will no longer be considered “in good standing.” Click here to read our CWFI Delinquency Policy.

Contact us today to learn more about CWFI certification.

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