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Membership Benefits

Membership is available to anyone who is directly involved in or responsible for the prevention, detection, elimination and prosecution of welfare fraud or the identification and recovery of benefit payments made as a result of fraud or an intentional program violation.

We offer a number of tiers to accommodate our members' desired levels of engagement, and their associated benefits are as follows:



Learning and Professional Development

  • Education, training, and staff development
  • Ability to apply for Certified Welfare Fraud Investigator credentials
  • Opportunity to participate in National Training Conferences
  • Reduced member registration fee for National Training Conference
  • Sponsorship program available for National Training Conference
  • Opportunity to become a Certified Welfare Fraud Investigator (CWFI), and access to the CWFI Study Guide
  • Access to job listings and postings

Connecting and Networking

  • Access to member contact information and connections
  • Searchable UCOWF Membership Directory
  • UCOWF Forum to participate in discussions involving public assistance fraud issues and solutions from across North America

Industry Trends and Updates

  • Impact reporting from regulation and industry trends
  • Updates on rules, public policy and legislation
  • Newsletter subscription



Your career holds significant importance in your life, striking a delicate balance between professional growth and continuous learning, all while adeptly managing your network and cultivating relationships with your peers.

Career Builder Benefits:

  • Enhanced Member Listing in the Member Directory
  • Promotion/Advertisements Access to Newsletter
  • Access to Advanced Investigative Techniques Training

+ Plus all of the benefits of the Traditional Level above.



You want to work with the doers and shakers of our industry to get something done. You enjoy being among leaders who are committed to rolling up their sleeves and raising the bar.

Contributor Benefits:

  • Organizational/Individual Profile in Annual Report
  • Logo and Profile Listing on Homepage
  • Organization event advertisements on UCOWF website
  • 10% Discount on Individual Affiliate Memberships
  • $200 discounted vendor table for business partners
  • Nominate members and access to our new "All-Stars Spotlight" newsletter

+ Plus all of the benefits of the Career Builder and Traditional Levels above.



You care about informing policy that affects the welfare fraud investigative industry. We believe you shouldn’t have to search for ways to improve our legislative landscape, and it all starts with participating here.

Change Maker Benefits:

  • Director's Mind-share Forum
  • Annual Legislative and Policy Strategy Meeting
  • Intergovernmental Committee Seat

+ Plus all of the benefits of the Contributor, Career Builder, and Traditional Levels above.



You deserve recognition for advancing the industry of welfare fraud protection. As a Champion, you want to help inform leadership on emerging issues and defend the integrity of public assistance programs.

Champion Benefits:

  • Free exhibitor/vendor conference fee
  • Website and annual report acknowledgement
  • Website advertisement page with hot link
  • Sponsorship Program to bring new directors-level participants to National Training Conference

+ Plus all of the benefits of the Change Maker, Contributor, Career Builder, and Traditional Levels above.

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